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  • Re-Align with Yourself!

    From the Four Agreements Reminder Series.

    “All of the drama humans suffer is the result of believing in lies, mainly about ourselves. The first lie we believe is ‘I am not the way I should be; I am not perfect. ‘It’s just a story, but we believe it, and we stop being ourselves and start searching for an image of perfection.” – don Miguel Ruiz

    We get lost trying to please others along the way. When we align with who we really are, then we’ll be the most successful and happiest that we can be.

    To Ponder: Whether it’s a position you are in at work, or personally, is it really something you want to be doing? Are you happy with it?

    Take Action: Pay attention to how you feel. If you are more frustrated and unhappy than you are happy, perhaps it’s time for a change. Maybe you need to go back to who you really are, and find something that you really love to do. It’s way easier to align with something that fits you, than always trying to change to fit into something you’re not.

    Laurie Joslin – www.unlimitedcoaching.com

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