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    We believe that the mind, body and spirit are linked and inseparable. The achievement of balance creates the pathway to enhanced health and well being and helps people lead healthy, active and more fulfilled lives.  Common physical symptoms or identified aches and pains, negative thought patterns and your belief system/outlook all contribute to your overall health and wellness. When we treat one without recognition of the other factors, we are treating symptoms only or only partially treating the root cause.

    The ecPathways portal is meant to bring you resources, tools, exercises, and questions that lead you to discover your best possible self.

    Find a place to start and follow the EC Pathway to health and well being – it will lead you to clearer insights, deeper knowledge, and greater happiness!

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    Our Hometown

    Our hometown base is in Rochester, New York.

    Along with the Finger Lakes and Western New York our area is historically known for it’s:
    Innovation, Creativity, Reform, Diversity, Community and Transformation

    Nestled along the Genesee River, Rochester New York is a few miles south of Lake Ontario, 60 miles east of Buffalo and just north of the Finger Lakes region.  Here in Western New York, water has been the conduit for inspiration, transportation and innovation and has been a major factor in the establishment of numerous cities, towns and villages. Completed in 1825, the Erie Canal opened up numerous opportunities for commerce from Lake Erie to the Hudson Valley and Rochester was right in its path.   The original Canal went directly through Rochester and crossed the Genesee River on a major aqueduct.  The first aqueduct leaked and was later improved. The improved aqueduct exists today under what is known as the Broad Street Bridge. http://eriecanal.org/ 

    In addition to these 2 major waterways are the beautiful High Falls – one of three waterfalls on the Genesee River near downtown.  The High Falls, located a few blocks from Main Street in downtown Rochester, is thenation’s highest urban waterfall (96’) and was the catalyst for industries in need of water-power such as flour mills. It’s been said that Queen Victoria would only purchase her flour from here.  Seven percent (7%) of the world’s fresh water supply is right here in the Greater Rochester NY Region.  This plentiful and inexpensive resource makes Rochester an attractive business location.

    Rochester New York was incorporated in April, 1838 and is home to many well-known corporate giants of the manufacturing era.  Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, and Xerox were all founded here in early 1900’s.  George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak also made significant contributions in education (University of Rochester); the arts (Eastman School of Music), healthcare (Eastman Dental) and philanthropy (Community Chest known today as United Way of Rochester).   Eastman attracted others like himself who were educated, inspired and motivated to get their message to the world and bring their dreams into reality.  Many “firsts” were started in Rochester including the first indoor mall, Midtown Plaza http://www.rochesterhistory.org/documents/roch_history_magazine.pdf and Mt. Hope Cemetery, the first municipal cemetery in the country. http://www.rochesterhistory.org/documents/roch_history_magazine.pdf

    Rochester ancestors also played a crucial role in activism and religion.  Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass spent the majority of their most active political careers here.  The Fox sisters (aka Rochester Rappers), who claimed they could communicate with the dead, were the beginning of a new religion called Spiritualism.  http://www.historynet.com/the-fox-sisters-spiritualisms-unlikely-founders.htm  The Morman religion was started in this area by John Smith, a local, he was led by an angel to gold plates that were buried deep in the hills of Palymra New York.

    Just southeast of Rochester in the Finger Lakes Region is Ganondagan, a Native American historic site that was once a thriving community of the Seneca people.  The Seneca are one of six Nations comprising theIroquois Confederacy. The Seneca people were well respected for their democratic ideals that contributed to the inspiration of our Constitution.  In 1848, the Seneca matriarchal Society participated in the declaration of sentiments which eventually led to the ratification of women’s right to vote. http://www.ganondagan.org/aboutganondagan.html

    Rochester has a rich history that continues to shape our future. Rochester is the home base for Wegmans, one of Fortunes Top 100 Companies to work for in the country as well as the favorite food market of most of the local population!  While Kodak is no longer the Fortune 500 Company it once was, it has produced numerous spinoff companies formed by its former employees.  This city ranks as one of the ten most generous in the country and the arts community is thriving with year-round festivals, performing arts theatres, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and a world renowned dance troupe.  Rochester continuously receives top 100 rankings in the areas of business, technology, education, health, living & recreation (see below).



    One of America’s Most Innovative Cities

    The Daily Beast ranked Rochester among Smartest Cities in America

    Rochester Named One of the Strongest Job Markets in U.S.

    Brookings Institute consistently ranks Rochester’s economy among strongest in nation

    Forbes Magazine ranks Rochester one of the Best Bang for the Buck Cities

    About Rochester today

    Wegmans Top 10 in the Nation Ranking!!


    Our area colleges and Universities

    Western New York has a reputation for social and religious reform.

    Near by Seneca Falls has a reputation for social and religious reform. Abolition of Slavery and the Underground Railroad were also strongly supported here.

    On July 19 and 20, 1848 the first Convention on Women’s Rights was held at the Wesleyan Chapel on Fall Street in Seneca Falls. Organized by Jane Hunt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Ann M’Clintock and others, it was the birth of the Women’s Rights Movement.

    Finger Lakes