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  • Acceptance – How It Feels To Be Who You Are

    Welcome all.

    This writing is about how it feels when others, especially when they are close to us, accept us as we are.  Personal confidence goes up a notch and we can relax and be ourself.

    21584999It starts out with the funeral service and celebration of life for my father who passed away at 92 years old. The service it self was full of stories of a man who served his country in World War 2, started his own florist and plant growing business and raised a family of 8 children along the way. His favorite song was titled “In The Garden” and he passed at the exact time while 32 close relatives were singing that song to him.

    Several family members spoke of his Navy days, community and family involvement, his entrepreneurship, hard work while building a successful business. It was very touching, but it was the last speaker, my brother in law Jerry, who hit the high note. He spoke of the very strong feeling of acceptance felt by him, as an in-law, to our family. As he emotionally continued I was well aware of the heads nodding, in agreement, especially by the extended family members. You see once you were part of our family it did not matter if your relationship changed with your spouse. My parents accepted you as you were and if the relationship changed you were still accepted, exactly the same, just because you were you.
    My parents currently have 63 members of there extended family. That includes their 8 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and partners. You can imagine the different personalities, beliefs and desires of a group that size, yet all are accepted for who they are not how another thinks they should be.

    As I heard the emotion in my brother-in-laws voice it took me to another level. Acceptance, so gratefully appreciated by those stepping in from other relations, and which I have so naturally taken for granted, moved me to yet another level of appreciation for my parents.

    Thanks Dad, and as you already know, Mom is still at it, accepting all for who they are.