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  • “Lonely is The Night” Changing what you think is so.

    “Lonely is The Night”
    Changing what you think is so.

    guitarHow much of my life, of your life, is a habit or pattern?
    My answer is quite a bit, often much more than I am aware of.

    The way is has been, during our life, is often the way we do it, think it or believe it.
    A great deal of this we are not aware of and on a form of automatic pilot.

    Questions to ask ourselves when we become aware of those repeating thoughts and beliefs.

    Are they real? Are they true? Or just what you are used to?

    Here is an example story that happened to me.
    There was the time, many years ago, when my son was about 12 years old and wanted to go to a concert featuring rock star Billy Squire. My story was that I did not like his music, with his loud screeching guitars.  So my belief was I don’t like rock, or at least this type, at all.

    He was too young to let go alone or with friends and he really wanted to go.
    I had an idea and asked him to make me a cassette tape. Remember this was way before iPods were invented. He copied several Billy Squire songs and I listened to them twice a day for two weeks. I would go for a two-mile jog in the morning and again when I got home from work. I estimated I listed to about 7 hours of Mr. Squire during my daily runs.

    I intentionally decided to work on my mind before I took him and his friend to the concert.
    I had to find a way to not be aggravated by it all. Earplugs were also on my list of possibilities. It worked beyond my expectations; I just needed to be open to possibilities.
    Guess what?  I still enjoy Billy Squire to this day and that was 30 years ago.
    “Lonely is the Night” still pops into my head now and then and I love it.

    So what is the meaning of this story?

    My belief was that I do not like this type of music. Even stronger I would of said, then, that it drives me nuts and is annoying.  I changed my belief because I had a reason big enough to have me figure out a way to enjoy it or at least tolerate it.

    With “Lonely is The Night” as the theme it becomes a reminder that when we go to bed at night it is a perfect time to pay attention to what we are thinking. What is going on with our thoughts?  It is also a perfect time to practice thinking about, or visualizing what and how we would like things to be instead of how we don’t.

    Change is possible and not as difficult as you would think.
    Rock on Billy Squire.
    “Learn How to Live” by Billy Squire
    Year: 1982
    Album: Emotions in Motion