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  • Vent Constructively

    From the Four Agreements Reminder Series

    “Be aware of the quality of your communication. The quality of the communication depends on whether you tune your emotional body to love or to fear. If you know what love is and what fear is, you become aware of the way you communicate your dream to others, and you can choose to communicate with love.” – don Miguel Ruiz 

    What we say – what comes out of us – is a direct reflection of how we feel on the inside.

    To Ponder: Perhaps this is why people feel the need to “vent” – to get all the negativity out. But if we don’t vent constructively, aren’t we really just dumping on someone else, spreading the negativity?

    Take Action: Be aware when you need to vent, and select the right person to vent to. State your intent “Hey, I just need to vent a minute.” Then, either problem solve it, or move on if there’s nothing you can really do about it. Sometimes changing your attitude is the only control you’ll have!

    Laurie Joslin – www.unlimitedcoaching.com

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