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  • Halloween! Don’t judge!

    shutterstock_214805170_halloween_resizeI found this picture of fruit dressed up as Halloween treats! How cool is that? I wish I had found this when my kids were little, I would have preferred to serve them these treats instead of all the sugar. I will for my Grandbabies though! How about you?

    I love that some people are so naturally creative and are able to see things like a banana ghost when looking at a banana! Someone came up with it first right? Something so simple, yet so out of my range of perception. I see very well all around me, my peripheral vision is phenomenal and I notice every little detail, but I’ve never been able to see from an artist’s perspective.

    I don’t feel bad about that at all, considering how many people don’t have my ability either. I just get such a kick out of how different we all see the same things. It is so important to remember that, especially when living with others. Some people are very comfortable dressing up for Halloween, while others still have a stigma attached to it or a complete disinterest. Who feels the most uncomfortable at a Halloween party?

    Having worked through these issues personally over the years, I can honestly say, that until you feel completely comfortable in your own skin, with your own perceptions, owning your surroundings and consciously accepting that everyone around you has their own, you may never be the one that’s comfortable!

    This Halloween, try to be more forgiving of yourself and others, don’t judge! Let people dress up or not, let their kids have candy or a healthy treat, but be true to yourself and find it coming back to you!

    Nurture with Nature – Fall – Part 2 of 4

    shutterstock_108730421._fall_resizeHere it is! Another season upon us. Depending on where you live, the leaves have to drop for the season. The summer places are getting closed up, lakes and pools are getting colder, so here’s what we need to focus on and notice in the next couple of months:

    Enjoy the cooler nights! They come earlier now but it’s oh so much easier to sleep!! We need to take those walks now too, especially if we haven’t been able to fit any in. Remember to walk slowly, pause or stop and breathe deeply of the air, smell the earth and leaves around you and try to tune in and feel the energy of your surroundings before moving on.

    Fall is a great time of year to catch up with chores at home, like window cleaning, gardening, weeding or lawn mower service. It may be a great time to check on the snow blower as well! Those of us that rely on that piece of equipment can use this time to make sure it’s ready to go now instead of at first snow fall.

    Birding is in full swing now as some are migrating and flocking. Notice how the Starlings start to multiply in number from now until spring on the electric lines and how cool they look when flying in a group. How many Hawks can you count as you’re driving, they sit on the street lights or low hung branches by the road? They don’t migrate out until closer to November and some stay all winter. Start a journal if you regularly see a lot of different birds in your area, it’s great to review years later and compare.

    The smells of Fall are incomparable. Close your eyes when you come upon a pleasant smell that only happens now, the smell of leaves, dried grass or farm crop. Look around with fresh eyes and notice the beautiful fall colors, the insects that are still out and operating( look out for the bees!) or the clear blue sky that is like no other sky this time of year.

    Do you have anything that you love to do in the Fall? Please feel free to share on Facebook or leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!