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  • Diabetes Risk Questions

    Diabetes Risk Questions:

    MVP, one of our local Insurance companies, has published a quick quiz to gain insight into Diabetes and could add years to your life!

    If you are 65 yrs. or older, you are at risk for Diabetes.
    It is preventable!

    Here are the questions asked:

    1. Are you a woman who had a baby weighing more than 9lbs. at birth?
    2. Do you have a sister or brother with Diabetes?
    3. Do you have a parent with Diabetes?
    4. Are you younger than 65yrs of age and get little or no exercise in a typical day?
    5. Are you between 45 and 65 years of age?
    6. Are you 65 years of age or older?
    7. Does your weight fall into the range acceptable for your height?

    The answers to these questions can help you make a decision to follow up with your Health care provider and allow you to take the necessary steps to a diabetes free future!

    Maintain a healthy weight, don’t use tobacco and regularly check in to yourself and notice anything unusual that starts to occur in your body, such as excess thirst, frequent urination, blurry vision or extreme fatigue.

    Check out our page on Diabetes under General Health and learn more!

    Probiotics and Why You Should Take Them

    Essential to digestive health is taking a whole food probiotic. Healthy bacteria found in organically grown fruits and vegetables and in raw fermented foods are often missing from the modern American diet. These bacteria helped colonize the gut with beneficial flora whenever people ate raw fruits and vegetables or through the traditional way of preparing foods through fermentation. The average American is greatly lacking in these kinds of foods, not to mention the use of antibiotics even once in life creates the need for a good probiotic to rebuild the gut flora.

    Probiotics enhance the immune system and detoxify the colon for anyone but especially for those who suffer from digestive disorders. Additionally probiotics help to maintain a healthy gut microbial environment, increase the body’s natural absorption of calcium and magnesium, improve overall nutrient absorption and digestion as a whole and promote normal and healthy bowel regularity and consistency.

    Lacto-fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut and kombucha also provided healthy bacteria in traditional diets and these should be part of the diet of any person suffering from digestive problems. But probiotic can help “jump start” the system in those with serious digestive problems as they will quickly populate the gut with beneficial organisms. When choosing a probiotic make sure it contains both pro and pre-biotic. Be mindful that if you overuse probiotics it can in turn, cause bloating and gas if you are taking too much.

    Andréa Evans, MSACN, CHC, AADP
    Clinical Nutritionist, Applied Kinesiologist, Holistic Health Counselor
    Gateway Nutrition and Fitness @ East Side Wellness Center
    625 Ayrault Road
    Fairport, NY 14450

    Overcoming Sunscreen Hurdle With Kids!

    Sunscreen is so important for our future Skin health and longevity. Thinking about applying it as adults, it’s no big deal and we just slather it on and help out those around us by getting their backs. With kids though, most of us that have been through that phase of life have blocked out the difficult moments we had trying to apply it to our young children! However, if you have young ones currently, you can definitely relate to the difficulties that come from their resistance to applying sunscreen before any outdoor activities.

    Important note: read the labels on the sunscreen and be aware:
    Oxybenzone is a hormone disrupting sunscreen filterRetinyl Palmitate is a form of Vitamin A linked to skin damage.

    An article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle had some great advice I wanted to share with you:

    According to the article written by Priscilla Dunstan, a behavioral researcher and author of “Child Sense” and Calm the Crying”, It is so important to be adaptable in your approach to your kids and work with them using their dominant sense to make sure the sunscreen gets applied and protection is given.

    All children respond well to rules and clear boundaries she says, don’t be afraid to make sun protection a priority. No Sun protection, no playing in the sun!

    Tactile children tend to dislike the texture of the sunscreen and will resist with vigor as you try to apply it. A spray can be a good option for these children as they can stand still with their eyes closed for a minute while it is applied. Alternatives such as clothing that blocks the sun, hats and large umbrellas may also work well with these children.

    A low fragrance, sensitive skin sunscreen is a good choice for the taste and smell child. They will prefer lotion rather than the spray as the mist can interfere with their sense of smell and taste. Remember to think hats, sun umbrellas and shirts or sun body suits.

    Forget large brimmed hats that cover your auditory child’s ears as they don’t tend to be fans of items that can distort the sound around them, which large hats can do. Baseball caps will be a hit for them however, especially if others are wearing them and there is a story attached to it. Applying the lotion while discussing the cap story can be very effective. Create a summer song about sunscreen for them and sing while applying or spraying lotion.

    Visual children can become obsessed with sunscreen not showing or being too shiny or white according to Priscilla, so bring a small mirror to reassure them that’s it’s all rubbed in to their satisfaction. They may also be interested in helping to put it on, so if they’re old enough, encourage this type of self-care. Pick a sunscreen that doesn’t leave a color or residue and if it has a picture of their favorite cartoon character on it, all the better.

    Thank you Priscilla from the D&C for a great article that reminds us how different every child is and adapting to their senses will reward us with easy and stress free outdoor activities!