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  • Sleep – Let’s take a deeper look

    In general, with a good night’s sleep we feel better, we think better, we have more energy, we are in a better mood and we enjoy our day overall. We rebuild and regenerate while sleeping. According to WebMD, and almost all other qualified resources, 7 hours a night is a minimum and 8 is ideal. They also mention a study that showed with less than 7 hours sleep people are 3 times more likely to get sick than if they get 8 hours or more on a regular basis.

    It’s essential to ease out of our busy days and leave behind its tensions, stress and hectic pace and enjoy a good night’s sleep.  You’re not alone, if you have trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep. Lack of sleep can negatively impact many areas of your life.

    A wide range of things can contribute to trouble sleeping. Physical and/or emotional stress is often the most common reason. Lifestyle, health issues, medications, and aging have also been known to contribute to sleep problems. Chronic problems, such as severe nervousness, agitation, nausea or thoughts/feelings that are self-destructive should be discussed with your doctor.

    Our minds are now being over stimulated with the fast pace of work, constant use of television, computers and mobile phones. Our brains find it hard to switch off and allow us to sleep. We have to learn to relax and take control of our own minds – thinking and worrying about sleep can lead to no sleep!  There’s no one sleep solution, often it’s a matter of finding a range of solutions that work for you – your own path to a better night’s sleep.

    Tips for what to do as you prepare for Bed on our next Blog!

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