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  • Personal Energy

    Your energy and how it affects others

    At a presentation on personal energy and how it affects others, a couple of weeks ago, I did an exercise that had some interesting results. It was for a group of about 70 health care professionals.
    Here is how the exercise went.

    I asked on a scale of 1 to 10,  focus on how you to feel, in your body, as you hear the word. 1 being low energy in some form and 10 being high energy,
    For the first word “Discipline”, most  said “2″, for the next word “Adore” most said “10″.
    I did that same exercise with a different group the month before and they said the exact same numbers – 2 & 10.
    Interesting and a great reminder for us all to become more and more aware of our thoughts/words and to practice changing some of them.

    We need to practice with our thoughts and words just as we practice with improving our physical abilities with sports and games.

    Having written a poetry book, Whispers of Intimacy (WhispersofIntimacy.com) I am interested in finding  ways to mix poetic thinking with our daily lives and with business situations.
    Poetry is somewhat more about what you feel in your body and are aware of with your senses, than just what you are thinking.
    It is a deeper, more present, more in tune, more compassionate, and more about life, way of thinking, writing, speaking and being.

    Poetic writing/thinking might be an interesting exercise for you to try relating to some event in your life.  If you do it a few times, you might just surprise yourself.

    Here is a question to ponder.

    What choice could you make today that would enhance your personal environment and make life wonderful?

    Enjoy this moment as it is constantly changing.

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