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  • Have one! Or not…

    I write this for all the people that are trying to manage their weight and have to wade through the many treats that show up at the workplace. It’s inevitable that as soon as you make a decision that you’re going to be so good and you’re not going to eat any sugar that day that someone brings in Girl Scout cookies, or cupcakes or whatever. Everyone’s gathered together in the kitchen area, sharing and snacking and they call you over to join them. What do you do? You don’t want to miss taking part in the team comradery, but you know they’re watching you, especially if you already have a reputation of being a healthy eater or just the opposite! Do you just ignore the treat? That’s one way to do it, but what if you really really want one??

    Here’s the rule as I live it; Have one!! Can you have one without wanting to eat the whole box or bag or whatever? If you know you can, enjoy it! Sample it, take a bite and throw the rest out!

    If you can’t have just one, simply pass and tell them the truth! You’d be surprised how many people will relate to that simple admission. It could start a whole conversation on the benefits of bringing in only Healthy snacks in future, you never know!! If all else fails, keep a supply of healthy alternatives handy for just these emergencies. Grab one of yours and join the group.

    What’s most important here is accepting yourself and all of your faults as they are, admitting to yourself that no, maybe one isn’t enough, better pass, or yes, let me have one so I don’t binge later!

    Be honest with yourself when setting any goals for weight and eating habits. It’s much easier to go with the flow if you already know your limitations.

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