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  • Future Generations

    What Would You Say?

    A very creative artist named Heather Layton is working on a project at Cornell University as an artist-in-residence. It is titled “Letters to a Future Generation”. Here is her blog if you would like to know more about it.  www.pocketsfortheteeth.blogspot.com.  I added to her collection of 500 letters and this is what I wrote.

    “If given the chance, what would you say to a future generation?”


    Be aware that our Earth is alive and needs us to appreciate that.

    Be comfortable and confident in yourself.

    Understand your own, personal magnetic energy and how it flows and effects others.

    Know that your imagination and passionate creativity are very powerful tools .

    Also know that diversity stirs creativity and changes create opportunity.

    Be grateful for who you are, what your uniqueness is about, so that you can share it where needed.

    Practice being present and aware of what your senses are telling you is going on right now.

    Find a connection that you will naturally have when with others.

    Be curious and wonder.

    Explore and share what you find, don’t take anything for granted. What can you teach?

    Lead the way by being aware, compassionate, tuned in, kind and helpful.

    Always keep your word and deal honestly with others.

    Know that plenty of clean water, healthy foods, exercise, good sleep and thoughts that feel peaceful and freeing will keep your energy up.

    Much can be found in your own stillness and the eyes of others, take time to really sense and feel it.

    . . . and with all of this responsibility, because of who you are, be excited about the future
    and what you can add to it.

    With appreciation for how you will be.

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