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    Flexible vs Rigid
    The Weather as Our Teacher

    34890986Can you imagine being a person that is rigid in thinking, in other words not very flexible, and then working a career involving the weather? With Mother Nature we have to be flexible, we have no choice, we can not control it.  Weather can be a great teacher for preparation, attitude and handling change, dealing with what is.
    Think of a tree in a strong wind, it bends with the breeze, if it does not it may break or become uprooted. Nature and the weather become our teachers.
    What about the constant changes even when we “think” we know what the weather will be.

    Flexible means that we can adjust, like putty, moldable, stretchable, and adjustable.
    By the way, according to my dictionary, “able” means “having the skill or means to do something”

    So with that in mind, another very important question for us personally, is, are we coachable?  Are we teachable and willing to learn what we need to adjust to?

    Do we have the means, the wherewithal, the willingness to be coached, to learn, to change?

    Being flexible means we are open and willing to go with the situation of the day as it happens, as it unfolds.

    Questions to ask yourself

    Can I adjust to what is and am I willing to?
    . . . or do I stay with what was “supposed” to be.
    It was supposed to be a sunny day and it rains.

    Do we want to blame someone, something, or adjust to what is?

    First of all, the weather doesn’t care or even know what you had in mind. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what is.

    Flexible thinking expands your choices and possibilities.

    Think about this, our expectations – every time something is not “exactly”as we expected, we could instantly adjust our attitude and start watching for a new possibility.

    Or this one – try planning to be flexible instead of planning for everything to be exact. Plan for flexibility, be open for the new, leave a little wiggle room. Deal with what is instead of what “should have” been.

    There is something about being flexible that just makes things work better. Hard to measure, difficult to say exactly, yet flexibility makes it all easier, goes with the flow.

    Rise above, be on top of it – be willing, be flexible.

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