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  • “Dump It”

    Do It
    Delegate It
    Delay It
    Dump It
    Four terms I learned years ago in one of my many “How to get Organized” classes. The big lesson for me, at the time, was to delay it, that delaying was a decision, a choice. Wow! Great. It helped, didn’t cure, but it helped.
    Now fast forward years later and I am thinking how do I apply these same tools to my inner self and my thoughts, more than just my physical “stuff”

    “Do it” – Is this thought good for me, is it productive and life enhancing?

    If so but maybe not right now then can I “Delegate it” – maybe by transferring it from my mind to a piece of paper or my computer.

    “Delay It” – Can I slow it down or choose another time to think about it?

    “Dump It” – Totally get rid of this thought, idea or duty?

    The Four “D’s” time for me “to do” or actually “to think” about them.

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