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    Eating & Being Aware That We Are Eating While We Do.

    This following message came in my email this morning from Yoga Journal’s “Daily Insight” – a great free service for subscribers/ YogaJournal.com

    The reason I am posting it here is I have to believe that I am not the only one who often eats on the fly or in the car. I meditate and do Yoga daily and yet. . . It speaks for itself and I am using it to increase my awareness another level. To eat and to be aware that I am eating at the same time. It won’t always happen but it will become more conscious. A new habit is begining.

    32381009Yoga Journal “Daily Insight” – 1/18/13

    Do you ever feel like food is something that’s getting between you and your life?
    In today’s modern world, we rarely make time to eat mindfully.
    Often, we eat on the go, in cars or at our desks for the five minutes we can spare.
    But when we eat without noticing our food, we miss one of life’s greatest pleasures and we allow that which should nourish us to become that which causes us stress.
    The next time you eat, take a moment to relax and really taste your food.

    Stop what you’re doing, sit down, and notice the flavors, textures, and smells of the meal in front of you.
    Express gratitude for the health and nourishment it provides.
    And then, as you eat, truly enjoy the experience.

    Over time, this ritual can improve your digestion and overall physical and mental health.