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    “Ha” Connection

    It’s all in the name
    At a local food market the other day I had a delightful cashier that I was lucky enough to have wait on me. She knew what she was doing, moved quickly and was very pleasant. When I looked at her name tag it said “Ha“.
    I asked her if that was a nickname or short for a longer name. She said “No. that is my name.” So now I am more intrigued and ask if she is from China or Japan and she said “No, I am from Vietnam.”
    Next question from me is “What does “Ha” mean in your language?”
    Her reply is that it means “Water“. I mentioned to her how interesting it is that her name means Water in her country of origin and it means Fun or Laughter in the USA.
    I have had fun, or at least a smile, as I thought about “Ha” and her name for the next few days.
    If I still had a retail business (which I do not) I would consider looking up the meaning of each staff members name and add it to their name tag. I, Ray, am either a straight line, a ray of sunshine (a person or thing that brings happiness into the lives of others) or a Fish. Guess which I would pick.
    “Ha” made my day. If you had a name tag what definition of your name would you use.
    Look it up, it might be “fun” or it may be “Water” or it maybe conversation for your customers and that means Connection.

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