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  • Mid-winter already!!??

    Wow, time does fly by. Feels like a minute ago, it was everyone “gear up for the Holidays”; “Happy New Year!”; and then January, winter for some of us, catch up on bills for most of us. Time ticks by so fast!

    Every moment counts is a saying for a reason. Staying present to catch the nuances of each event. The smiles and new language of a toddler, the crawl/walk of a baby, the driving lessons of a teenager etc..

    No kids? Make sure to catch the beautiful feelings that nature inspires, the love of a pet when they sleep beside you, the secure warm feeling of snuggling under a blanket with your significant other (or alone) and watching a good movie.

    So much unrest and fear is happening in the world around us, we want to be present for that as well. Counter the fear with action. Stay current and know that together we can all make it to the next phase.

    This is a constant struggle for most of us, to catch ourselves feeling fear and feeling alone in our own little worlds. The Woman’s march and subsequent protests have certainly proved that we are never alone!

    So, catch yourself as quick as you can when thinking negative thoughts. Immediately focus on your present moment; where are you? who’s with you? what’s around you? what can you feel that’s good, peaceful or easy?