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  • Halloween Birthdays

    I’m reflecting back to last year’s picture here. I ended up writing about perception then and instead of re-sending the same article, here’s what came out this year!shutterstock_214805170_halloween_resize

    Do you know anyone personally that was born on Halloween? I do! For some reason, when I became acquainted with this person, Halloween took on a whole new meaning. It wasn’t about how much candy we could grab or how many kids we could scare. It became a Holiday for real!

    Every year since then, a birthday Halloween party has taken place. Costumes are always optional, but became the norm. The results of this change, adults and kids go trick or treating together! As the kids got older, we were blessed to live in a neighborhood that consolidates the celebration over two streets. Anyone can go up , walk around and take part in the atmosphere. Adults dress up as much as the kids do, you should see the faces of the kids when they walk around up there! Priceless. Firetrucks and Police come around to hand out candy and stickers. So many costumes to see!

    We all come home to sing Happy Birthday, have some cake (usually Pineapple upside down) and party a few more hours.

    If you don’t know anyone personally that celebrates their birthday on the 31st, pretend! If that’s not your thing, find out where your neighborhood celebrations are held and soak it in.

    It makes the evening so much more fun when you have a common purpose for the evening. It makes this Holiday an actual holiday instead of sitting it out and only handing out candy. ( or banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins)

    While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that scenario, especially if you never get a break, it couldn’t hurt to try something new!

    Clear away your afternoon fog!

    5 simple ways to boost your energy and get your day back on track.

    Mindful Magazine,October 2016, Claire Ciel Zimmerman

    Are you familiar with the mid-afternoon slump? You know, the fog that rolls in sometime between 2pm and 5pm, without so much as a warning, destroying your will to do anything except curl up in a ball under your desk. You’re not alone. The afternoon slump is a real, biological phenomenon that lots of people experience every single day. In fact, it’s a sign your internal clock-fluctuations in energy and body temperature regulated by our circadian rhythms- is running on time.

    That doesn’t mean the slump has to keep you down! Clear away the haze with a few body-and-brain-boosting tricks- none of which involve pumping yourself full of sugar or caffeine- so you can go forth into the world with a fresh mind.

    1. Stretch

    Stretching for even 20 seconds can have a huge effect on your energy levels- particularly if you’ve been sitting at a desk for hours. Stand up and reach down to touch your toes; bring your hands together and reach above your head; imagine yourself as a cat to deepen your stretch. Just Kidding! (sort of- if you’ve got a good imagination and like cats, it could help!)

    2. Close your eyes for 2 full minutes

    It’s hard to truly comprehend how much time we spend with our eyes widened by the glaring light of our phones, TV’s and Computers. Not only is it physically straining, it’s also mentally draining. Place your hands over your eyes for 2 minutes, reach the time you have to sit still and be with yourself.

    3. Tidy up

    When you create an uplifted environment for yourself, your mind and body follow suit. Take a few minutes to clean up your desk, wash a few dishes or straighten up your coffee table.

    4. Call a loved one and tell them why they matter

    It’s always worthwhile to extend yourselves to others, so pick up the phone and feel your heart swell. It’ll make their day better; it’ll make your day better.

    5. Take a walk

    There’s nothing like fresh air to perk you up when you’re feeling hazy. If you spend your days in an office building, the air can get pretty stale. Get up and get out even if you’ve only git 5 minutes to spare. It’ll get your blood flowing, your muscles moving and will offer your mind a fresh start.