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  • Out of Your Mind Creativity

    One of the main focus points in the self coaching section on ecPathways is to use meditations and other exercises to help us calm our busy minds and slow down our thoughts. Feeling healthy and generally good about your self is an important part.

    30715766We all know that lack of sleep, movement and exercise affects our mood and focus ability. So do many things that we put into our bodies without thinking of their nutritional or hydrating value. We seem to spend even less time being aware of the thoughts we have,  the words we use and how they can affect and change our state of being.

    Here is a quote from Debra Kaye in her book Red Thread Thinking

    “Fresh ideas come when your brain is relaxed and engaged in something other than the particular problem you’re embroiled in

    Long showers, soaks in a tub, long walks, or doing chores are frequently when those “synapses” that find alternative solutions to a problem in new ways all hit together so that the big idea can spring.”

    In other words when we are doing something besides thinking, we tend to have out best, brightest ideas and aha’s.

    Much of our stress in day to day life can be managed by awareness and mastering of our thought process. Many of our thoughts are the same ones we had yesterday and even a few minutes ago. Creativity will naturally arise when we focus on something other than our thoughts. 

    Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, in other words being aware of where you are, what you are doing and how you are being.  Having activities that demand our attention,  just enough so that we are not thinking with our random, often useless thoughts, opens us to our intuitive and naturally instinctive self.  This is the place, or state of being, where most great ideas and new possibilities get their beginning.

    Here is a statement from best selling author Stephen King.   “We are writers, and we never ask each other where we get our ideas; we know we don’t know.

    “We know we don’t know”.  An awareness of not knowing, or not thinking that we know, to open up to our natural, personal resources that are there waiting for us to discover them. Our inner coach, mentor and intuitive self are on always on duty , if we are or have learned  to be aware of them.