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  • Change, Again

    A very short poem that says a lot.

    The knowing and acceptance that life changes, as do the seasons is part of the natural creation cycle of our universe. I like the metaphor of the seasons as they come and go consistently. We know that change is coming and about when it will, yet there is always something original or a bit different than last the season’s change.

    Having the attitude of being ready and then, also, to look for the new possibilities in the change that will be there is a lesson I am always relearning – again and again.



    …. and then,

    when we get there


    everything will change


    . . . and then

         –   ©2008-2012 ray justice

    Practice Being Happy

    The word “Practice” jumped out at me from a book I was reading last week. It was used to explain that we need to “Practice” being Happy just as we need to practice anything else we want to be good at.

    This made sense to me but I had never thought of it in this way before. I started wondering what do we need to practice, that we have not thought about before.

    First we have to assume that we practice because we want to improve or get better at something.

    Let’s discuss a couple of possibilities here.

    Listening – Are we really paying attention or waiting to make our own comments?

    Listening is a skill that can be improved if we are interested in doing so.

    The “Practice” exercise here could be to practice not thinking about other things while someone is talking to you. Staying present, not thinking about the past or future, is what we need to improve. Focus on their words, and then ask them a question about what they had just said, most people will be trilled. We are not used to being listened to.

    Another is Speaking – Do others hear you? Do you articulate clearly without just rambling on and on? Is brushing up on your speaking skills something to do? This can be one on one or to a group –practice what we say.

    If we are standing, do we need posture practice and image practice?

    There is more, but the idea for me here is to focus on areas that could use improvement and practice imaging and doing it the way I would like to have it be.

    I am wondering how many different areas of my life I could use practice to change and how do I become aware of them?

    Practice makes perfect or at least improvement.

    Focus – a Lesson from Squash

    In a game of Squash I was ahead by a score of 7 to 2 with 9 being the winning point.

    As I served for the 8th point, meaning two points to go and this game is over, I started thinking “Do we have time to play another game?” While I was having this discussion in my head I lost that serve and the next two points – 7 to 4.

    I then preceded to have a conversation with myself about making sure I pay attention and not be thinking while playing the game. The result of that conversation in my head was that I lost the next three points and it was now 7 to 7. By the time I figured out that I needed to stop thinking I had lost that round.

    This story is to emphasis how quickly and easily we can lose our focus. We see it regularly in sports but have to realize how often we do it in our day to day situations. The game is that of not thinking so that we are present to what is going on. Focus, focus, focus is a big part of how we stay on track or not and let things slip on a daily basis. In sports it is called a loss of momentum, in our business world it is the same thing, loss of focus. Coaches have to bring the team mind set back into focus. For us in day to day life, we have to do it for ourselves. Being aware of the present moment, what is happening now by what our natural senses are picking up can help bring us back to focus