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    “As I remember that life is short, I am beginning a journey of self-realization. Meditation has always helped me in the past to get emotionally balanced. Yoga has strengthened my body ,and walking has given me a chance to think things out. By lowering my weight with exercise and eating a better selection of foods, I have been a happier person. So far I have lost 15 lbs of fat, and I have gained a lot of energy. My goal is to be healthy and energetic for the rest of my life.”

    -Melba Wells



    “I accessed the Mind, Body & Spirit category where it describes the use of acupuncture, massage and meditation. I use massage as a way to reduce the number of doctor visits and to health naturally. I have a massage therapist that I see which has really kept me from high blood pressure, inflammation and the possibility of free radicals invading my body. I estimated that each time I would have to had to visit the doctor it would have cost $75 plus any tests. So, thus far I have saved $200 this year, alone. I saved $200 last year as well. I do not take any prescription medications”

    -Angela J


    “Although I am not a father, I woke up to this awesome email from the ecpathways staff in the Enhcancecardmd smart choice portal. The email wished the fathers in my life a happy Father’s Day. I have never received this type of support, acknowledgement, or expression from any other program I have been involved or enrolled in. Also the services available in this ecpathways portal only is priceless especially the breathing exercise and mediation segment.Thanks ecpathways and happy Father’s Day to all the males on your staff.”

    -Tanya Gillie


    “I found out that my health insurance does not over massages. I would need to ask my doctor to submit a predetermination letter that it’s medically necessity for me to get regular massages. I will be investigating this to see what if I’m eligible to receive it than conduct a comparison again. I will report my findings later. In the meantime, I am pleased to report that I was able to select a massage therapist via the EnhancecareMD/ecpathways portal and got a 20% discount. Even if I had my FSA, I would not have received the 20% discount; I would have been paying more money.”

    -Towanda Jones


    “I often tune into the site for calming mind, body, and spirit inspiration meditation sessions. During the hustle and bustle of the day it is good to find a quiet place that’s calming and peaceful to bring you back into alignment with yourself. I am always a calm person but just having that soothing melody and a calming voice reading or the music playing in the background is wonderful. This site is most helpful when i am going about the day conducting my 5linx business opportunity. Life outside my home is ridiculously hectic. People are always busy and there are a lot of disappointments and disgruntle people out there; many are silently deteriorating. I am glad that I am a member of enhancedcareMD. It is the most important investments I have ever made. I am one who don’t like going to a doctor’s office where I have to sit and wait, wonder if I am getting the best attention; or the best advice. Am I thrill about enchancedcareMD. It is the best part of my daily routine.”

    -Nancy Young


    “EcPathways and found the articles on reflexology and Self massages and so many great ideas for relaxing and soothing mind body and spirit. I love reading and doing my own research. This was easy to find. I’m saving a lot of time on procedures and services I would normally have to pay for by trying them on my own and suggestions for living a balanced life. I will go back and do more activities and share with others how beneficial ECPathways was for me.”

    -Davel Carr


    “After learning that I do not necessarily have to be sick to use the services provided by ECMD, I decided to explore the body mind and spirit pathway. There was a wealth of information at my disposal. After finding a provider in my area, I made an appointment and had the most relaxing full body massage . My stress from the busy work day was less. I saved 20% of the overall cost ($12) on my first ever massage thanks to the ECMD discount network. I believe our health is a balance of the mind, body and spirit and that came true for me today. This experience recharged my trust in this product”