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    Starting with our Basic Package: 

    These benefits start with access to ecpathways.com. Begin your journey towards wellness using our interactive website.

      • Learn about basic health care issues like Diabetes, Nutrition and Weight management. Move on to advanced Healthcare options like Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral work, Reiki and others. Read what our Experts say about their fields and what they recommend for you.
      • Start working on emotional healing and develop strategies that will serve you in dealing with stress, anger, nerves or sleep problems just to name a few.
      • Interactive exercises are extremely useful for growing your creative side, quieting the mind and practicing Present moment awareness and Meditation. Use our short audio or video meditations to guide you.
      • Optional Health and Wellness Tips are available for you to receive when you want them as well as regular blog posts to help keep you on your path towards a healthier future.

    Basic package is ecPathways.com: $9.95 month

    • General Health Mind-body connection with expert advice
    • Emotional well being
    • Spiritual Development
    • Self coaching for personal growth
    • Meditations – video, audio
    • Health Tips – weekly or monthly
    • Timely articles and blogs regarding your health and well being
    • Provider discounts for acupuncure, massage therapy and naturopathic MDs through our Complimentary Alternative Medicine (C.A.M) Network that is credentialed through Optumhealth.

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    Our Preferred Package:

    Includes ecpathways.com as well as access to an ePsychologist, eDietitian, eFitness coach, eAlternative medical expert, eVision expert, eDentist and ePediatrician's advice and answers via email 24/7. 

    More features include: A digital Health encyclopedia with videos and a Free member App for your mobile device to have access to all of these features whenever and wherever you are. 

    Preferred Package: $19.95 month

    Basic package plus:

    • Access to the following experts to answer personal questions via email:
    • Alternative and Integrative medicine expert
    • Psychologist
    • Dietitian
    • Fitness coach
    • Dentist
    • Vision care expert
    • Pediatrician
    • Free Ask-A-Doc  APP for access using iPhone or Droid

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